Sunday, December 9, 2007

6 Things Most People Don't Know About Us

I am hoping to be able to post twice a month. We were tagged by Julie in responding to our 6 unknown things.
I'll start it out.

1. I have a healthy obsession about germs (J says I am borderline OCD). I usually eat my French fries with a fork if I can't wash my hands.
2. I am extremely competitive. Growing up with two older brothers made it hard not to be.

3. I love playing sports especially football. As a matter of fact, that was the first gift J ever gave me. That was one of the signs that made me know it was going to work out.
4. My first name is Marjorie. I carefully examined my birth certificate this year and noticed that it was not my middle name.
6. While living in California, I modeled in San Francisco for a couple of years.
J Sullivan
1. I love writing songs and poems. I also have some good ideas for short stories and children's books. Stay tuned.
2. I used to have a gold tooth. Yes, Queen still went out with me. It fell out while I was on my mission and I decided to not to put it back in.
3. I speak four languages: English, Slang, Spanish and Portuguese.
4. I hate the word irregardless (you do know that word makes absolutely no sense, don't you?)
5. I hated middle school so much, that I would hide behind the shed until school was out. Well most of the time my mom would find me much earlier than that.
6. I beat-box. That just means I make music with my mouth. I carry a tape recorder every where I go, even to church.