Sunday, February 28, 2010

3rd Time is Not a Charm

Jermaine asked me “Do you really have to go into the office?” Working in the virtual world we don’t see our co-workers often and since I love being around people, I was looking forward to going into work. Everyone thought I was crazy for being at work three days before my due date. I was just glad Abram was able to stay with my mother, who came to stay with us to help prepare for the baby. I started having contractions in the morning, but they weren’t consistent or strong. We had our meetings then my co-workers had a very cute baby shower for us and then we left to go home.

The contractions started getting consistent and strong as I drove home. I called Jermaine to tell him that they were twenty minutes apart and that he should leave work early so that he wouldn’t get stuck in traffic. I was sure this baby was going to come quickly. “It’s baby number three, I know what to expect. I’ll labor at home and just go to the hospital to have the baby in five minutes like I did last time.” I got home, took a shower and told my mom we needed to get ready to go to the hospital. Our wonderful neighbor Lynn s agreed to watch the boys and I called Amy, my unofficial doula, and my sister in law to tell them I would be going to the hospital when the contractions got closer.

Jermaine came home and we got ready to leave for the hospital. The contractions were about seven minutes apart and while I felt that we should leave I also did not want to get there too early. I decided to take a shower hoping that the contractions would slow down. It worked. The contractions slowed down for about 20 minutes. I put on my clothes and lay on the bed. Jermaine was packing bags, my mom had her coat on with her purse in hand and I was . . . . watching Jeopardy. Once the contractions resumed their previous speed and intensity I decided to listen to my mother and husband and leave for the hospital. Amy met us at the entrance of the Women’s Center. I told the nurse in triage that I thought we came too early. She measured me and said I was six and a half centimeters dilated! I was so relieved. We made it to our room, my birth CD was playing, the room smelled like jasmine, and I was able to relax through the contractions. Jermaine snapped a picture of me texting my partner teacher telling her I couldn’t teach the next morning.

The labor was slow. At about 12am I was at eight centimeters and I asked the nurse to break my water to speed things up. They did it but nothing happened. I stayed at 8 centimeters for two and half hours and the contractions were so strong.” I broke down and cried and said I couldn’t do it. I said I didn’t want the baby and that I wanted to leave. Jermaine tried to encourage me by saying that my job at the moment was to be a “professional contraction manger.” Everyone in the room was positive and trying to calm me down but couldn’t do it. I decided that we needed to say a prayer.

My midwife, Judy, said I wasn’t relaxing enough and that I needed some pain medication to relax. I didn’t know what to do. I was trying my best to relax and Amy said I was doing a great job, but I was extremely exhausted. I said yes to the pain medication, but it wasn’t an epidural. It made me dizzy, but I was able to sleep and regain my composure. Jermaine and Amy said I started snoring. Then, the baby’s heart-rate dropped. We don’t know if it was from the medication or coincidental, but I was still eight centimeters. Judy called for the doctor to prepare us for a C-section. My nurse, Greta Williams pushed the last two centimeters of my cervix out of the way and told everyone to get ready for the baby. It worked! Judy came back and said I need to get ready to push. I felt like I had no energy to push, but needed to find the strength from somewhere. I couldn’t give up after finally getting to this point. I pushed together the first time and they said they could see the head. After resting for a moment I pushed again and the head came out then his body came out. Jermaine said it’s a boy! It didn’t register in my mind. I was almost sure we were having a girl. But, then it felt right!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Made my day

I think our baby is ready to come out and this made me think of baby.
With all the relaxation I've been practicing I'm still a little scared. I was telling someone its like a bully waiting for me after school. We are going to battle and I have my tools ready! Any advice out there?